The progression of the Suburban Missile

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Here we gooooooooooo! A month later and the next stage of modifying the Q5 3.0T is finally here. If your just now checking out our page, and stumbled on to this blog post, make sure you read from the beginning to see what's been done and more about the ride. With my new 034 Motorsports rear sway bar, and 034 Motorsports inserts, my ride felt a little less wobbly and more solid.  I knew, however, that this needed more.  Enter the 034 Motorsports Dynamic+ lowering springs. Just freshly released from 034, these springs offered a lower ride that was compliant and not to jarring.  If have ever driven the roads in Houston, you know that some of them have pot holes big enough to make a fearless person think twice about speeding through. The decision, to go the springs route, had more to do with transporting kids and budget.  When 034 announced the springs, I knew this was it for me.  Installation itself was very time consuming due to documentation and the discovery of torn bushings. A strong recommendation of having your local shop install it is given here if you value your time and sanity!  After a very intensive installation process is finished, the worked is looked over and the car is sent to have it aligned. Now, we get to the part that some of you were probably waiting for, THE RESULTS. I mean wow!  The little porky SUV was now hitting corners that previously I wouldn't of attempted.  The ride height has come down from levels where before a basketball could of fit through the wheel gap. She rides better and looks better and all while keeping an eye on my budget. A big shoutout for this part of the process goes to our partner shop 1st Stop Autohaus, who made this happen.  Stay tuned for more entries into turning my everyday SUV into something that would make enthusiasts proud!

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